Capitolio Havana Dome

Havana Capitol Building Dome

If the building is impressive, the dome attracts even more attention. Situated at the intersection of the two salient bodies and the Central Portico, the dome crowns the entire building, rising over the attic of the Portico at a height of 92,73 meters (304 feet) from its base. It is currently the second highest point in the city, preceded by the Jose Marti Monument on Revolution Square.

The dome of the Capitol is similar in exterior and interior composition to the Pantheon in Paris, exceeding it in diameter and height above ground level. The most famous domes in the world, built since Renaissance times, and considered masterpieces, clearly influenced the design of the dome of the Cuban Capitol. The principal model was the dome of the Pantheon in Paris, but Saint Peter´s in Rome was also considered, inspiring the curve of the parapet and the powerful projecting ribs of the main calotte.


Other similar domes were also studied, such as that of Saint Paul´s Cathedral in London and the Capitol in Washington. This does not mean, however, that they are the same, as both the dome and the lantern are completely different in their details from these models.