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Capital Building Havana Gardens

The Capitol gardens are considered a veritable work of art. They were designed by the architect J.C.N. Forestier, who followed the style and simplicity of the most beautiful European gardens. A system of paths forms the crossroads of all the accesses leading to entrances in all the fronts of the building. Palms stand throughout the […]


Capitolio Havana Dome

If the building is impressive, the dome attracts even more attention. Situated at the intersection of the two salient bodies and the Central Portico, the dome crowns the entire building, rising over the attic of the Portico at a height of 92,73 meters (304 feet) from its base. It is currently the second highest point in […]


The room of lost steps | Capitolio Havana

On entering the building the visitors is received by the colossal Statue of the Republic. In reclining posture, this is considered the third-tallest interior statue in the world. Monumental in its proportions, it weights 49 tonnes and reaches a height of 17,54 metres, standing on its pedestal of onyx marble. Just a few metres from […]