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Manzana de Gómez Habana

La Manzana de Gómez building was finished in 1917 and it was named after its original owner Andres Gomez Mena, one of the richest Cuban sugar magnates of the day. Its is a unique exception of the Cuban architecture because it was designed as a high rise to use like offices and business headquarters. The main floor has two halls communicating through to the opposite corners. It also has a porch surrounding the whole building with colonnades and arcades inspired on the Second Authority House in the city. It’s an evidence of eclectic style with low architectonic value. Some years ago, around 250 000 people would pass through it annually because in its interior there were 170 stores, 1 Bank, 2 Theaters, 560 apartments with 8 stairs and 8 elevators. Actually a project is currently being studied to do a high class hotel in the building.