Floridita Restaurant Old Havana

Cuba Floridita Bar

The former owner of Floridita Restaurant Old Havana was Constantino Ribalaigua – Constante – opened a small time grocery store named “The Silver Pineapple” mainly for the sale sweets and ice cream but around 1898 and 1902 the name changed due to the visit of many U.S. marines. From that moment on it received the name of “Floridita” and during the 40s was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite bar in town. He became a close friend with the owner and they created the Papa special a new version of the Daiquiri devoted to the famous writer. During the 50s the “Esquire” magazine selected this bar among the 7 most famous in the world, and in 1989 the U.S. academy for the “AWARDS OF RESTAURANT INDUSTRY” distinguished – El Floridita- with the award “BEST OF BEST FIVE STARS”. They considered the place the most representative of it’s specialty and the birth place of the Daiquiri.

el floridita bar ernest hemingway statue