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Gran Teatro de La Habana

The Belgian architect Paul Belau began the construction in 1838 and was inaugurated in 1914. Previously its name was Tacón Theater, in honor to the General Captain Miguel Tacón. It was one of the most sumptuous to the Americas. Famous artists acting in this scenery like Fanny Elssler and Sarah Bernhardt.

The Galician Social Club is the most antique of the Spanish Mutual Benefic Society in Cuba. It was founded in 1872 with new baroque style, like European baroque constructions. For that reason it abounds in scarving and stone´sculptures.

Its principal façade has four group of sculptures made in white marble that represent allegories of Charity, Education, Music and Giuseppe Moretti theater plays. The balconies, windows, cornices and towers conform an harmonious and elegant architectonic complex.

The theater was rebuilt inside this beautiful building and for many years was the biggest and luxurious of the country. Actually is the seat of the Cuban National Ballet.

Cuban National Ballet