Partagas Cigar Factory Old Havana

Partagas Factory Old Havana

The legendary Partagas Factory is one of the oldest of Havana brands located in downtown Havana behind The Capitol. The Partagas Royal Cigar Factory, founded in 1845 by the Spaniard Jaime Partagas, still produce different cigar brands. For instance, it´s specializes in full-bodies cigars, producing six grands including Bolivar, Ramon Allones, Gloria Cubana and, of course, Partagas. Five hundred people work permanently. The building has a large sales room with a wide variety of brands as well as a bar ideal for enjoying a Havana Cigar. It’s open to the public from Monday to Saturday since 10.00 a.m. until 17.00 p.m. The name is still well known.

Fabrica de Puros Partagas Habana Vieja