Fountain of the Indian woman Capitolio Havana

Fuente de la India Habana Vieja

Also known as The Noble Habana, was designed by the Italian architect Giuseppe Gaggini in white marble of Carrara, and donated to the city by Don Claudio Martinez de Pinilla, Count of Villanueva.

The fountain is placed on a rectangular base with a dolphin at each corner (four in all) whose mouths pour water over the great seashell at the base. The Indian woman (whose name was Habana) wears a feather crown on her head and holds a quiver with hunting arrows over the left shoulder. On her right hand she has the horn of plenty full of tropical fruits while the Havana coat of arms is on the other hand. This fountain created with a classic and native influence was a gift to the city. It was located in 1837 at the end of the former Campo de Marte (today Paseo del Prado). Afterward in 1863 was removed to Central Park by Resolution of the Municipal Administration, and back to its original location in 1875 where it stands at present.