National Museum of Music | Museo de la Música

Museo de la Musica Habana

On the site where originally a family house stood, the National Museum of Music Havana was constructed in 1906 in eclectic style and it has an arcade with Corinthian columns built in levels .Its lateral facades in Renascence style are made with stone and tiles. This edification was considered one of the best residences of XX century because of it’s external beauty. In 1936 it housed The Secretariat of State and since 1971 is the Music Museum. The building has two floors with a privileged view of sea wall (Malecón). Prominent international artists have visited in the past, like Federico Garcia Lorca, Vicente Blasco Ibañez, Eduardo Zamacois and the musician Rene Dusmnil. Many Cuban artists and theirs families have donated the principal treasures that you can admire in this museum : original scores, musical instruments, sound base, documents, pictures, belonging to figures like Gonzalo Roig, Sanchez de Fuente, Amadeo Roldan, Alejandro Garcia Caturla… For example: The piano that played “Bola de Nieve” is visible in this museum.