Bacardi building Old Havana

Bacardi Building Havana

The most opulent exponent of Cuban Art Deco, the Bacardi building is located in the limit of Historical Center and was constructed to house the headquarters of The Bacardi Rum Co. At the times of its inauguration it was the country´s tallest structure. The façade is dressed in red granite and on the top there is the Bacardi bat symbol.

Havana Bacardi Building

The Bacardi building is a triumph of art deco architecture with a whole host of lavish furnishings that somehow manage to blend the brashness with the cool. Hemmed in by other buildings it´s hard to get a full kaleidoscopic view of the structure from street level though the magnificent bell-tower can be glimpsed from all over Havana. There ´s a bar in the lobby and inside it some saloons have an elegant and plentiful decoration above all the great hall and the adjacent areas.