About Capitolio Havana

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  • Between internal and external, the Capitol has 500 windows.
  • The structure supporting the dome has 1250 tons of steel beams.
  • The front staircase has 55 steps.
  • From the Lost Steps Hall to the cupola there are 500 steps.
  • In its construction over 25 thousand cubic meters of Chaplaincy stone we used. For its hardness and homogeneity this material is used in all sorts of decorative work.
  • The plaster decoration was done by 400 workers who used more than 40,000 bags of this material.
  • The dome of the Capitol is the fifth in the world among the Renaissance Styles. Its dimensions and profile remember the Basilica of San Pedro in Rome. You can see his beauty and gracefulness from different places of the city. Actually, it is the second point higher of the city, preceded by José Martí Monument in the Revolution Square.
  • The diamond (replica of 24 carat) is situated in the center of the rotonde. It is surrounded by one octagonal star that was designed with Italian marble in different colors. One important detail is that this replica of diamond point out the Zero kilometers of the roads of our country.