The room of lost steps | Capitolio Havana

Room of lost steps Capitolio Havana

On entering the building the visitors is received by the colossal Statue of the Republic. In reclining posture, this is considered the third-tallest interior statue in the world. Monumental in its proportions, it weights 49 tonnes and reaches a height of 17,54 metres, standing on its pedestal of onyx marble.

Just a few metres from the entrance, in the very centre of the great rotunda, is a replica of the diamond marking kilometre zero of the country´s roads. Over the rotunda is the interior of the dome in whose frieze we can see the coats of arms of the old provinces of the country.

The room was conceived only for big receptions and banquets, and originally therefore contained no furniture whatsoever, apart from the 32 candelabras, in the purest Italian Renaissance style designed by Cuban artists and cast in France. Like the other decorative elements in the room, they feature symbolic maces. The furnishing is completed by 20 marble benches made in Italy, distributed between the candelabras through-out the room, the 42 doors giving access to the loggias, inner courtyards or patios, and the rear section of the building. The name “Lost Steps” was given to it because of its unusual acoustics.