National Museum of Fine Arts Havana

National Museum of Fine Arts of Havana

National Museum of Fine Arts of Havana was conceived, by the principal engineer Alfonso Rodríguez Pichardo, according to the latest trends art museums of the époque, conservation and restoration of the era and considered one of the best museums in the western hemisphere. The 3 stories are communicated by stairs, ramps, elevators, and are distributed around an inner yard surrounded by galleries at the main floor.

Entrance Fine Arts Museum Havana

The façades are decorated with murals and big sculptures made by Rita Longa, while the vestibule or entrance hall display the mural and “bajo relieves” made by Jesús Casagrán and Enrique Caravia. The facade’s balcony was made by Mateo Torriente Becker. It was inaugurated in 1954, by the president Batista, for the 2nd American-Spanish Biennial celebrated in honor of José Martí. The building occupies the former location of the Colón Market and former gunpowder warehouse

Museo de Bellas Arts Habana